Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft has released a preview for Visual Studio 2022this week.

This is a completely revised version of Visual Studio that is now 64 bits.

Unfortunately they have not released this 64 bits version earlier to 3rd party developers, so we have not had the chance to prepare our Visual Studio integration for the 64 bit world yet.

Our installer does detect VS 2022 but our VS integration does not work yet.



  • I think you also mean '2022' in the first sentence ;)

    Well, I wouldn't worry too much about X# not working in VS2022. None of the extension developers have adapted their products either. And if we look at Office: it used to keep install the 32 bit version by default and when they secretly changed that more than once these 64 bit installations failed to work together with 3rd party products, still relying on 32 bits.

    In general it could be interesting for a few users with very large projects which could cross the 32 bit boundary. Don't expect any improvements elsewhere.

    I am far from the only one thinking that, see

    Three remarks from there which I completely agree with:

    however I feel it could be as buggy as VS2019 or worst. Delivering a solid code editing experience would be enough for me.

    We don't really need that many new features. Focus on fixing all the bugs in the backlog for a couple of of months. All of them. Hi and low prio. All the productivity improvements made by new features are actually cancelled by all the bugs and times I need to restart VS or even the machine.

    Unfortunatelly they are focused at adding (buggy and slow) features

    And these are comments from Visual Studio Magazine, basically the fanclub magazine of the product.

    I would recommend not to waste time on getting X# VS2022 ready.

  • Dick,

    If you have a large solution than VS 2019 may become slow.
    The 64 bits version may help to improve that.

    I do not think we have to do very big changes, since almost all of the code in the VS integration and build system is compiled in AnyCPU. The only thing that has "bitness" is our SQLite support, but there are 32 bits and 64 bits versions of this.

    And of course Ms may have (and probably will have) changed some of the internal VS code. So we may have to change that too.