Status update

A short message with a status update about 2 things:

The X# Summit in Memmingen

The way it looks now we will be able to hold our X# Summit in Memmingen just like we originally planned. Of course we don't have a crystal ball, so nothing is 100% sure, but we are fairly confident that we will be able to it, when most of us keep behaving responsibly, like we have done in the past months. We have decided extend the "early bird" period until Aug 31.

We also realize that there are people that would like to attend but are not able to come, due to the circumstances .
For them we would like to add the option to watch the sessions of our Summit online. We are not certain yet if that will be "live" or "recorded". That also depends on the interest for this.

The registration fee for the "Virtual Summit" will be EUR 49,-. For that you will get access to the recordings or life transmissions of the event and the session material. Being there is better of course, but we think that this will at least be a good fall back scenario.

And in case we all get hit by a second wave of Corona, we will most likely do the whole event online, like many others are doing as well. But as you will understand, we prefer to do it in a real physical event.

And in case you were wondering about the sessions: due to the Corona outbreak we have delayed the speaker and session selection. We hope to have the speaker and session list available mid July. If you are interested to speak or have a topic suggestion, please let us know !

The next build: X# 2.5 Cahors

We are completing our internal testing for the next X# build, which will be called "Cahors". This build contains some bug fixes and improvements in the runtime, but we think the biggest change (although not really visible) is in our Visual Studio integration. We have rewritten important parts of the editor support code and the parsers. We are now also persisting the "code model" for your project, so loading a solution will be faster and you will experience less "hickups".

This new build will most likely be released by the end of this week.