Progress update

Here is a short progress update.

In the month Februari we have worked hard to fix several issues that were reported by our customers and to add some new features. A new build (2.11) is being tested by a small group of betatesters at this moment.
The full list of changes for this new build can be found here:


  • Several preprocessor fixes to make the preprocessor more compatible with FoxPro and Xbase++. We have also added the #if and #stdout commands
  • The compiler will now emit warnings when you enable implicit signed/unsigned conversions (/vo4) or conversions between numeric types of different sizes or from fractional types to integral types (/vo11)
  • The compiler adds the "castclass" IL instruction when passing variables of type OBJECT to a function/method that expects a typed parameter
  • Several reported problems were fixed.


  • Several new functions were added for FoxPro compatibility
  • Several changes were made to improve the Foxpro dialect support
  • Several smaller fixes in the RDD system to improve the compatibility with Visual Objects, XBase++ and FoxPro

Visual Studio integration

  • New "lightbulb" action to create constructors
  • Several changes in the editor, including an issue that had a negative impact on the performance.
  • Fixed a problem in the project system that was shown when designing a DevExpress DocumentManager control in the form editor

We expect to release this new build in the coming week for FOX subscribers only.
2.11 will NOT be released as a public build.

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