Progress report May 2019

It's time for a quick update about what we have been doing. Here are some things that we have worked on since the last build:

  • We have started work on the FoxPro dialect and have also added a WITH block for all dialects
  • We have also added support for END keywords for entities that do not allow this yet, such as END PROCEDURE, END METHOD, END ACCESS etc. These keywords are optional
  • We made several changes to improve the VS integration, such as better type lookup for functions declared in namespaces, better support for the var keyword, improbed support for Xbase++ dialect etc. X# works fine now with VS 2019, except that our project templates are still poorly visible on the New Project dialect. Microsoft has now promised to change that in one of the upcoming updates.
  • We have made several changes to the runtime. For example dynamic class creation for the Xbase++ dialect (ClassCreate() etc) and for the Xbase++ DataObject class. We have also added the functions that are part of the ASXML Library from Xbase++ (XMLDocOpen() etc). We have also improved several existing functions, such as Round(), ExecName() and others.
  • We have made several changes to the macro compiler, to solve some of the problems that were reported. We have also added support for macro based aliased expressions and ivar access ( (alias)->&varname,   expression:&ivarname etc)
  • And last but not least we have worked on the RDD system. Several small issues were detected and fixed in the Advantage RDD and the work on the DBFCDX driver is approaching the end. We expect to have a fully working DBFCDX rdd any day now.

More news will follow soon.



  • Hi Leigh, I do not think it will be a problem compiling RP against the X# runtime as soon as it's fully ready. Should be just a few hours' work at max, unless something really unexpected happens when doing that.
  • Robert,
    got it, thx. But, alas, did you try it? File-New-Standard Report-CDX-select a dbf, field tool, put onto body, select a dbf field, ok - Crash - Error 57...

  • Addendum: Semi OT: Had a look at github, didn't find a reference to RP in the X# area, started a global search for "report pro", got > 4k hits ;)
    Changed search expression to "reportpro" - and got "Whoa there! You have triggered an abuse detection mechanism.Please wait a few minutes before you try again; in some cases this may take up to an hour. "

    Great! /OT
  • Karl,
    Can you be more specific ? There are 5 versions:
    VO 2.8 SP3, VO 2.8 SP4
    VN 2, VN 3, VN 4

    And the ReportPro github repo is only available to people that have shown us some kind of "proof" that they have a ReportPro source code license.
  • Robert,
    i looked for RP2 VN4.01 version. And no, i don't own a source license, but as you advised me to look at GitHub, i followed ;)
    No problem...