Progress report June 2019

Just a quick message about our progress in the RDD system and other areas of the product.

The DBFCDX RDD is now working, and we have also added a DBFVFP RDD that allows you to read and update Visual Foxpro DBF files. DBFVFP is not completely ready yet (for example AutoIncrement fields are not automatically updated) but complete enough to allow to read VFP tables. We support Binary and Nullable fields, and new datatypes such as Currency, DateTime, Double and more.

Further we made some changes to the compiler. We have started work on the FoxPro dialect and we now suppress including the Vulcan Header files if you are having a reference to SDKDEFINES.DLL or the relevant X# SDK files. This should make compile speed somewhat faster. Of course it is better to remove the #includes when you don't need them anymore.

We have also fixed some issues in the runtime, such as the macro compiler and some of the runtime functions.

We expect that we can publish a new build (for our subscribers only) by the end of next week.

We expect to release the complete runtime early July.

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  • Does this mean that the development team will not put more effort into the Visual Studio integration of X#? Especially into the code editor and the debugger?

  • Hi Peter, according to Github the last change to the VS integration (Intellisense) was done 2 days ago, so I don't think the work on this will be stopped. At the moment the most important IMHO issue is the DBFCDX RDD, for which a lot of people including me is waiting hard... And then the work on the VFP dialect, as it should attract much more people.