Progress report August 5

After the Anjou releases beginning of last month we have been a little quiet. After all it is summer time and we needed to spend some time with the family.
But we have not been sitting on our hands. On the contrary. You have seen that we have been quite busy supporting people starting to convert their VO and Vulcan code.
And we have also developed some new things. These things are listed below.

We expect to release a new build to our FOX subscribers end of this week, beginning of next week. Stay tuned for more info.


  • Added support for XML doc generation. We support the same tags that the C# compiler and other .Net compilers support (in fact we are using Roslyns XML generation feature for most of the work).
  • Improved some parser errors.
  • Created separate projects for portable and non portable (.Net framework 4.6) for the compiler and scripting. We will now install 2 sets of DLLs on your machine.
  • Fixed the code generation for conversion from USUAL to a known type. Now the same runtime error is generated that Vulcan produces when the object type in the usual does not match the type of the target variable
  • When declaring a type with the same name as the assembly in which it is defined a compiler error is generated with a suggested work around.
  • Fixed a strange compiler message when using a PTR() operation on a method call


  • The scripting was not working in release 1.01

Visual Studio Integration

  • QuickInfo could generate a 'hang' in the VS editor. This has been fixed
  • Added quickinfo for globals and defines
  • Added completionlists for globals and defines
  • Added VO Form editor to edit vnfrm/xsfrm files and generate the code and resources
  • Added keyword and identifier case synchronization.
  • Fixed a problem where typing "SUPER(" in the editor could throw an exception

VO Xporter

  • Fixed a problem when importing certain VO 2.7 AEF files
  • Fixed a problem with unacceptible characters in the solution folder name

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