Progress report

The end of the summer holidays is getting closer, so it is time for a short status update.

The work on the X# runtime is progressing steadily. You can expect a new build with support for the RDD system in a few weeks. Hopefully we will also be able to include the new (faster) macro compiler.

We have also made some small changes to the Visual Studio integration to solve problems introduced in the latest builds of VS 2017. Until we have released the new build we recommend not to update to Visual Studio 15.8.

Next month there is an event from Microsoft called .Net Conf 2018. We have decided to participate in this event, which consists of 3 days online sessions (which are recorded and can also be watched afterwards). There are many interesting sessions about new .Net technologies. I am sure you will find something in the schedule that you like. You will be able to view the sessions from a direct link on our website. More information about this will follow.

To celebrate .Net Conf we also have a special discount on the Friends Of XSharp membership. If you order a copy of FOX between today and September 30th you will get 30% discount if you use the coupon code "NETCONF2018".