A quick message to inform you of some of the things that are happening in the X# team.

  1. We know that many of you (just like us) love footbal (soccer). Wouldn't it be great if you could combine soccer with technology.
    It turns out you can. At the university of Twente a team of you students is working on Robot soccer.
    We like that idea so much that we have signed up as sponsors:
  2. We have received a request from the community to start adding support for the XBase++ dialect to the compiler. We have analyzed the language differences, and it seems that there are very few differences. The biggest change is the way that classes are declared. XBase++ follows the "Class(y)" style of class declaration (Anton van Straatens OOP extension to the Clipper language).
    The class declaration syntax for XBase++ is also almost identical as the syntax for (x)Harbour. So we might combine the two.
    At this moment we are working on the XBase++ support in the parser and compiler.
    After that we will add runtime support for the XBase++ dialect.
    This new dialect will most likely not be included in the upcoming releases , but we still would like to inform you.
    Our XBase++ customer wants to run his code in a webservice. So no UI. Most likely we will create some kind of poor man's UI that emulates the CRT windows on the console.
    If you are interested in XBase++ support and would like to contribute on the UI or specific runtime functions (maybe a library like Sql Express or XBase Tools) please contact us.


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