Presentations for download and progress report

The conference in Cologne is now more than a week behind us and we have all gone back to the usual work.
In the last week many people, that did not attend the conference, have approached us to hear the details about our future plans.
That is why we have decided to upload PDF versions of Robert's presentations to the website.
Goto the Downloads / General section to find them

We have also picked up the work for the Spring build that contains the full Bring Your Own Runtime support. We have now implemented:

  • Clipper calling convention
  • /vo5 compiler option (to set Clipper calling convention for parameter-less methods)
  • Support for the implicit functions PCOUNT, _GETMPARAM and _GETFPARAM
  • Support for String2Psz() and Cast2Psz()

At the same time we have also added a couple of new features to the language (sorry we could not resist it..)

  • Lambda expressions with multiple expressions
  • Lambda expressions with multiple statements
  • The nameof operator
  • Anonymous classes (useful when doing Linq)
  • Using block now (optionally) contains a variable declaration

And also some changes in our Visual Studio integration

  • Support for designer.prg
  • Fixed some problems with opening the source from the error list
  • Visual Studio was always treating "warnings as errors" regardless of the setting in the project properties. This has been fixed.

Please give us a week or so to wrap this up, create some examples and to release Beta 4 (for FOX subscribers only).

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