Online presentations

We'll pick up the series of online presentations that we did last year. From now on, until further notice, we plan an online session at the last Thursday of every month, at 16:00 Amsterdam time (GMT+1 at this moment).

Next week, on Thursday 28th, the session will demonstrate the new ExecScript() support that we have added to the runtime. With this support you can execute single lines of code or even whole blocks of code. This includes the use of UDCs and passing in parameters. The script is now fully "dialect aware" and supports all Xbase types.
We'll also (briefly) show some other new features that we have worked on, such as local functions, expression bodied members and more. Robert will present this session.

In the last week of February we will go back to the "fundamentals" and will demonstrate how apps can be xported from VO to X#. Most likely Chris will present this session.

End of March we hope to present Exporting a FoxPro app to X#, including Forms, Menus and databinding. Most likely Fabrice will present this session.

The online sessions will use Zoom and the login info will be posted here on the morning of the session. Afterwards the recording of the sessions will be uploaded to our Youtube channel "X# Academy"


  • This is really great, thank you!
    So the content in the YouTube channel will grew and contain very valuable information also for later request.
  • Danilo,
    All the samples use features that are not in release right now:
    1) ExecScript
    2) LOCAL FUNCTION and => for Expression membered body
    3) the FoxPro embedded SQL uses a preprocessor feature that was added specifically for this (a special result token with the name udc that contains the complete source of the tokens that matched the UDC).
    So publishing the source is meaningless until the changed compiler and runtime are also released.
    Most likely this will all be released end of February and at that moment I will also upload the examples. Please remind me of that when I forget it.

  • Robert, just a reminder that the public installer is being left behind and has not been updated since mid-October.

    If you're planning a new release, maybe it could be a good idea to distribute version 2.7 wildly. Eventually, it would allow for some new implementation of VFP functions.
  • AntΓö£Γöénio,

    Our "planned" update frequency for the Public builds is around every 3 months. So the update is not much to late.
    I'll create a new public installer of the 2.7 build on Monday.