Online Event: Work in progress and Q and A

Coming Thursday May 28 at 16:00 Amsterdam time we'll have another online presentation.
This week will be a bit different from previous weeks.

In the first half of the session we would like to share with you some of the things we are working on, so you get an idea about what keeps us busy.

The second half of the event is meant for Questions and Answers.

Of course you can also use our forum for questions, and we always will do our best to answer these as good as possible, but the idea of this session to spend some time on more "philisophical" questions, like the question about "how do you guys approach error handling in the runtime" that was asked recently.

And if have a question that might need some preparation from our side, please post these before the event, so we can prepare ourselves.

The recording of the session can be found in our Youtube channel



One comment

  • I watched the recording this time and again it was very interesting. I also encourage anyone using X# regularly to take a Fox program as Robert stated that would allow an extra developer and even more features in a given time.

    What a great idea to use Winforms to actually build/show VO windows. I suspect this will allow to integrate Winforms methods and actions as well. Although for .Net I basically work with WPF it's a good way to start with xPorted VO projects, better than showing Win32 forms.

    I've got 2 further remarks on the presentation:

    1 Where can I buy a headphone which miraculously appears and disappears when you move your head as it does for Robert? :)

    2 Maybe a good idea to switch Windows sounds off during a presentation? Quite often we could hear the pretty loud sound Windows gives on certain actions, including messages from Onedrive reminders to backup Apple photo's on a Google drive...