Online demo: X# and future .Net versions (.Net Core and .Net 5)

On Thursday August 13 at 16:00 CEST. we'll have an online demo about X# and future .Net versions (.Net Core and .Net 5)
In this session we'll demonstrate:

  • How does X# compile and run against the various versions of the .Net Framework at this moment?
    We'll look at both VS and XIDE.
  • What will change for .Net Core and .Net 5?
  • The build system for X# for .Net Core and .Net 5
  • We'll demo how to create an X# .Net 5 /.Net core app in how to deploy it with its own copy of the runtime and as a single exe.
  • Hopefully we'll also be able to demo an early version of the VS integration for .Net Core and .Net 5 (not sure yet, fingers crossed :) )
  • What code changes are needed to compile for future .Net versions?

The idea of this session is not only to show that it works, but also to explain a bit about the background about building for various .Net versions.

The recording of this session can be found in our Youtube Channel: XSharp Academy


  • I am watching the video at utube > xshare academy.

    Love what I saw. Sad that COVID19 hit us so bad. I survived, all my staff safe at the moment. We are good. Still in VO but need to move forward to .net standard and I saw this video, and I see its good.