Memmingen 2022 Speakers


Speaker Bio

Wolfgang Riedman

Wolfgang Riedmann is the founder of the small software house Riedmann GmbH in Meran, South Tyrol , Italy, specialized in individual software development.

After working in Cobol on a mainframe, he started to work in Clipper, and then in VO starting with the long awaited prerelease. When X# was presented, he put in production the first small applications written in this language, and today more than the half of ist work time is done in X# using XIDE.

Wolfgang wrote also some articles in the Software Development Techniques journal, and spoke also on some VO and X# conferences.

Living in Italy, but with German mother language, he also has connection in both the German and the Italian X# and VO community.

Meinhard Schnoor

Meinhard is working as a self employed IT consultant. He has studied computer sciences and has over 40 years of experience in the area of software development. Starting his programming career with Pascal, Assembler and Cobol, he adopted the xBase languages beginning with Ashton Tate's DBase environment and moved early to the Clipper compiler in summer 87.
In these years he began to become an expert in Clipper 5.x and then CA's Visual Objects Environment and it's successors. Nowadays he's mainly working with Microsoft's .Net universe, Visual Studio and #X as well as C#.

Andrej Terkaj

Andrej Terkaj, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering , born and living in Slovenia..

I started my professional career in 1980 as a software project manager in Iskra Delta, the largest Slovenian computer company to date.

In 1987 I founded private company Task Ltd, where I was not only the owner, but mainly a software developer.

After more than 30 active years in the development of software for the logistics and maintenance sector (Computer Maintenance Management System Radix ) I closed Task Ltd. in 2018 as my retirement was approaching.

I am a long-time VO developer, since the very beginning of Visual Objects, and before that I used other programming languages: Nantucket Clipper, Ashton Tate dBase, Borland Turbo Pascal and Fortran.

Within the Visual Objects programming language I also used bBrowser and VO2Ado to be able to successfully manage data for different relational databases, most of them MS SQL Server

I've taken programming as part of my life, so now I'm even more immersed in modern programming tools.

Fabrice Foray

After a first encounter with personal computing and a Tandy TRS-80 in the early 80's, it was the use of Clipper 86 that led me to xBase languages. I have been teaching computer science in France for more than 30 years, especially with C++, Java and C# languages, and at the same time I continued the xBase adventure with CA-Visual Objects, Vulcan.Net and finally XSharp!

Nikos Kokkalis

Nikos Kokkalis studied Computer Engineering at the Democritus University of Thrace, and there also earned his doctorate. He has worked as an independent software developer since 1996 for Anadelta Software and Intracom Telecom. Since 2016 he is an employee of Intracom Telecom. During 2011 - 2015 he was a member of the GrafX development team. Since Sept. 2015 he has been a member of the XSharp development team.


Robert van der Hulst

Robert van der Hulst (The Netherlands) has been part of the IT industry since the 80's. He started developing applications in DOS with dBase, Clipper and FoxBase, C and Assembler. Later he developed applications for Windows and .Net with C/C++, Visual Objects, Vulcan.Net, Visual FoxPro, and C#.

Robert has created several 3rd party components for Visual Objects and Vulcan developers and has been part of the Visual Objects and Vulcan.Net development team, and worked there on the compiler, IDE, runtime and RDD systems.

In 2015, Robert founded the XSharp (X#) Project , together with Fabrice Foray (France), Nikos Kokkalis (Greece) and Chris Pyrgas (Greece). They were all colleagues from the former Vulcan.Net development team who decided there was a need for an open source implementation of XBase for .Net.


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