FOX program has started. First Alpha of X# ready

We are pleased to announce that the Friends Of XSharp (FOX) program has started.

You can now register for this program through the Store link on this website.

The introductionary price for the FOX program is EUR 495,- as has been announced before. There is also a discounting system for companies that want to subscribe with multiple users.

The FOX program includes support for the X# language as well as for Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET.

At this moment we offer support through our online forum only. The Internet Newsgroups are being setup, and we will let you know a.s.a.p. when these are available.

For our subscribers we have also uploaded the first Alpha version of the X# compiler.

This alpha version (0.1.1) supports almost all of the Core Language features, including creating Generic classes, LINQ, ASYNC AWAIT, creating EXE files, DLLs etc.

The VO/Vulcan specific datatypes such as DATE, ARRAY, USUAL, SYMBOL, FLOAT etc. are not supported yet, as well as VOSTRUCT, DEFINE and UNION.

It is Alpha software, so of course the error handling is still a little rough ;).

We will also upload a special version of the VIDE that has built-in support for X# (XIDE) for our subscribers.

Please stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks.

The XSharp Development team:

  • Chris Pyrgas
  • Fabrice Foray
  • Nikos Kokkalis
  • Robert van der Hulst

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