End of the year progress report

A short message close before the end of 2021.
We are finalizing a new build (X# 2.10). The installer is being tested in the team at this moment and will be made available to a selected group of testers next week.

Some of the highlights of this new build:


  • We have added 2 new compiler options: /enforceoverride and /noinit 
  • Functions and procedures (including the Start function) now support the ASYNC modifier
  • The compiler detects if you are using String2Psz() to initialize something that is not a local variable and produces a compiler error. This does not work !
  • and more

Visual Studio integration

  • Support for VS 2022 (in 64 bits mode)
  • Support for Nuget Package References
  • We have added some "lightbulb" messages to the editor
  • Automatic insertion of XML comments when you type "///"
  • Improved formatting in the editor
  • Many fixes and small improvements


  • Several changes to the DBFCDX and DBFNTX driver to make these faster in shared mode
  • Many bug fixes

The (preliminary) what's new document can be downloaded from the page below.

 We wish everybody the best for 2022 !

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