ILSpy plugin for V5.02

The XSharp language ILSpy5 plugin was not working with the latest stable version of ILSpy : V5.02
This has been addresses and you can get that version in the Downloads/General/Tools section.
Unzip the DLL in the same folder as the ILSpy Binaries and you're done.

If you are looking to the ILSpy V5.02 binary, go to ILSpy binaries.
Now, when running ISpy, you can set the language as XSharp.

Don't forget that the full source code of the Plugin is available in the public XSharp Repository on Github; you can also view there the current state of developement of the tool ( What is working currently, Changelog, ... )

ILSpy is the open-source .NET assembly browser and decompiler, and as shown during the xBase Future 2018, you can now use ILSpy to view and decompile .NET assembly as XSharp Language.


  • Hi Horst,
    as stated in the title, this one has been compiled against the latest stable version : 5.02
    You will have to wait a bit in order to get a V6 version...
    That said, you can try...but I'm afraid it will just crash at decompile time.

  • Hallo Fabrice

    I found a older version of ILSpy. (5.02) I thougth only the newest version (6.x) is downloadable.

  • HI
    I tried to Use Xsharp plugins for ILSPY , but its failed to launch ILSPY application , I do not know am I doing mistake or there is problem with Xsharp Plugins for ILSPY.

    I tried all Plugins of Xsharp with ILSPY but its failed.
    please help me
  • Hi,
    what version of ILSpy are you running ?
    Don't forget you have to download an ILSPy version ( that is supported by one of the XSharp-Plugin (
    Then, unzip all ILSpy files in a folder; unzip the xsharp-plugin in the same folder.
    Run ILSpy... XSharp should appear in the DropdownList of the supported langages.

  • First of All one word for you that is
    A big Thanks  :)
    I think I was using wrong plugins .
    I am new here , both X# and ILSPY .
    Now it working and it almost resolve of my issue to translate my C# code to X# , can I trust on this tool , I mean it can convert all C# complex dll to X# ?
  • You mean... X# ? Yes, I think the product is trust full ! :)
    Now, about the ILSpy plugin, don't forget that what you see is the compiler-generated code, so you may have to adapt some parts of it in order to recreate the source is a more readable form sometimes.
  • can I used ILSPY inside Visual Studio with X# Plugins ? if yes then how ?

    I am using VS 2017 and vs2022
  • You have to "guess" the ILSpy folder, to place your XSharp-Plugin in it.
    What you can do, is to run ILSpy from Visual Studio; then open the TaskManager... In the list, search for ILSpy, and right click on it to open the folder where ILSpy is, in File explorer; then copy/paste the XsharpPlugin...and you're done !!