Best Wishes!

On behalf of the whole devteam I would like to wish all our friends, customers and other people following our project all the best for 2017!

And I would also like to use the opportunity to share some news with you:

Last week we had our 2nd 'DevTeam Summit' in Athens. It was a little bit different this year compared with last year. First Fabrice could not attend because of health issues for a relative. And secondly it was cold, very cold. We had snow in Athens !

We worked a lot this week but also had some time for touristic attractions, as you can see in the image here.

One of the things we acomplished is that we finished the work on the Vulcan compatibility in the compiler. We were able to successfully compiler the complete Vulcan SDK including all kind of dirty tricks that are used in this SDK without code changes.

To be honest: we had to make a couple of changes, because our compiler found a few problems in the Vulcan SDK. If you ever wondered why drag and drop in the GUI classes is not working properly in Vulcan, then we have found the reason: there is code missing because of a typo in a define in the source code.

We also discussed our future plans for X# and you can expect updates on this website in the next couple of weeks.

As you can expect we will now pickup the work on the X# runtime, which will consist of a set of runtime functions, xBase datatypes RDDs, Macro compiler and more.

We expect to be able show you a lot of this at the XBase Future conference in Cologne end of April.

Will we see you there ?




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