Alpha build 0.1.5 is now available for FOX subscribers

We are pleased to announce that Alpha build 0.1.5 has been uploaded to the downloads area on this website.
Most of the issues reported by our FOX subscribers have been fixed in this build.

Some of the changes in this build:

  • When an error occurs in the parsing stage, X# no longer enters the following stages of the compiler to prevent crashes. In addition to the errors from the parser also an error 9002 is displayed.
  • Parser errors now also include the source file name in the error message and have the same format as other error messages. Please note that we are not finished yet with handling these error messages. There will be improvements in the format of these error messages in the upcoming builds.
  • The compiler will display a “feature not available” (8022) error when a program uses one of the Xbase types (ARRAY, DATE, FLOAT, PSZ, SYMBOL, USUAL).
  • Fixed an error with VOSTRUCT and UNION types
  • Fixed a problem with the exclamation mark (!) NOT operator


  • Yunus,

    XSharp is in alpha at this moment and only available to (paying) FOX subscribers.
    We expect to release a first public beta by the end of Januari.
    This public beta will include the core compiler and rudimentary Visual Studio (2015) support.
    Chris will also try to include a version of XIDE compiled with XSharp!