Alpha build 0.1.4 is now available for FOX subscribers

We are pleased to announce that Alpha build 0.1.4 has been uploaded to the downloads area on this website.
Most of the issues reported by our FOX subscribers have been fixed in this build.

Some of the changes in this build:

  • Several changes to allow calculations with integers and enums
  • Several changes to allow VO compatible _OR, _AND, _NOT an _XOR operations
  • Fix interface/abstract VO properties
  • Insert an implicit “USING System” only if not explicitly declared
  • Error 542 turned to warning (members cannot have the same name as their enclosing type)
  • Changes in the .XOR. expression definition
  • Fix double quote in CHAR_CONST lexer rule
  • Allow namespace declaration in class/struct/etc. name (CLASS Foo.Bar)
  • Fix access/assign crash where identifier name was a (positional) keyword: ACCESS Value
  • Preprocessor keywords were not recognized after spaces, but only at the start of the line. This has been fixed.
  • Prevent property GET SET from being parsed as expression body
  • Fix default visibility for interface event
  • Unsafe errors become warnings with /unsafe option, PTR is void*
  • Fix dim array field declaration
  • Initial support of VO cast and VO Conversion rules (TYPE(_CAST, Expression) and TYPE(Expression)). _CAST is always unchecked (LONG(_CAST, dwValue)) and convert follows the checked/unchecked rules (LONG(dwValue))
  • Fixed problem with codeblock with empty parameter list
  • Fixed problems with GlobalAttributes.
  • An AUTO property without GET SET now automatically adds a GET and SET block
  • Allow implicit constant double-to-single conversion


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