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ClassMate Gui 206 Port

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2022 5:06 am
by jeromegorlick
Hey, I am part of a software company with a large codebase that has been maintained and grown in VO 2.7 for 15+ years and we are now looking at the possibility of upgrading to x#. One of our base dependencies is cmgui206 and we were wondering if there is an upgrade path for x#. From looking around on the forums it appears that ReportPro 3 contains a ported cmgui203 and we are interested to know what is missing from 206 in 203 if we are to purchase ReportPro3

ClassMate Gui 206 Port

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2022 8:46 am
by robert

Reportpro 3 for VO contains CM 209 and not CM 203.
I have no idea what exactly was changed between CM 206 and CM 209.
Some of the changes were made by the original author of Classmate. Other changes were done by the VO devteam (me) to recompile Classmate with later versions of Visual Objects.
I personally do not think there were any functional changes, only bug fixes and changes to make CM compile with the stricter VO 2.8 compiler.
Unfortunately the change log for these releases has not been preserved. The source control history was on the GrafX TFS server that no longer exists.


ClassMate Gui 206 Port

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2022 9:24 pm
by jeromegorlick
Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply, sorry I must have found incorrect information on the forums, I cant see anywhere where the libraries included with ReportPro 3 are listed but I am pleased to hear it contains a more up to date version which seems like it will form part of a valid upgrade path. Thankyou for your response, hope you have a great day.

Warm Regards,